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This blog will discuss new ideas, evolution of aging theory, plus application in everyday marketing to older consumers, a.k.a. experienced ones. But before, we start down that path... Let’s back up–why BrandMettle?

Personally, I have had a passion for older consumers my entire life, beginning at a very young age when I volunteered at convalescent homes in the town I grew up in Northern California. It has evolved into a career where I have been constantly seeking out the venue to express my overall respect and admiration for this audience.


I have had the honor to work under or with some of the most influential people in aging: people such as Gene Cohen, Robert Butler, Ken Dychtwald, E. Percil Stanford, Mary Furlong. They've inspired me to challenge and break through age barriers.


As gerontologists, many gravitate to social mission or direct care of the older population, but my passion stemmed heavily in fighting ageism and communicating to the 99% of the aging population rather than serving the 10%. The latter is a noble mission and greatly needed, but the lack of truly authentic communication to older people, where they truly see themselves represented, is missing from the pop culture of everyday life.


Then enters, Matt Brown an agency guru that has spent the last twenty years building and rebuilding some of the most influential agencies. Matt has dedicated his personal and professional efforts to helping others.  His personal life mission: to make lives better.  That would explain why he has spent nearly 20 years committed to the healthcare industry. 


In addition to wanting to help others, Matt also has a deep passion for building great brands. Not only has he built and launched several agency brands, he and his teams have launched hundreds of healthcare brands.


While the circumstances of our first meeting wasn’t an indication of a future partnership – a story for another blog post!–the opportunity to build a disruptive brand agency focused on experienced consumers called out to us both.


Matt and I are excited for the journey ahead. Our backgrounds complement each other and we are both passionate about creating an agency that will be influential in changing behaviors in the ad world. And the timing for our agency launch couldn't be better, as the aging of baby boomers and the longevity phenomenon creates the need for more agency talent to focus on this underserved demographic.


 We are ready to show our METTLE. Will you join us in showing yours?

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