Getting “Under the Skin” of Your Brand

For centuries, mills used two huge, flat, round millstones to grind wheat into flour. The surface of the millstones had to be roughened up every few weeks as they wore down. A professional, called a “stone dresser” would do this work. To show that he had experience, he was asked to “show his mettle,” or the small pieces of stone that were buried under his skin as a result of his hard work. This expression is still used today.


“To show your mettle” means to “show your worth.”


We believe that earning our mettle in today’s brand world requires that same passion...that hands-on, visceral experience of getting “under the skin” of a client’s brand so we can lift it up to reveal its true worth to the marketplace.


And there has never been a better time for intentional, targeted marketing towards your customer segment, through customized content and highly effective digital engagement.


Matt Brown, Co-Founder