The Experienced Consumer

We value the consumer with experience

At BrandMETTLE we understand, the growth that comes from living…from experiencing love, raising families, managing households, buying homes, working and providing. And how these events deepen and evolve us.  They give us perspective.


Think about this: If you sold cars would you communicate with someone differently who is buying a car for the first time versus someone who is buying their fifth car? Of course, you would. Just think about someone who has a few years behind them. They are an experienced buyer – not just an older person.


Our sole focus and passion is the needs and values of consumers with experience. Not “Seniors,” not “Boomers,” an experienced consumer is a discerning, diverse 50+ consumer that makes up the largest and most lucrative marketplace in the world today.


The standard “Ageless Marketing” approach ignores the unique differences, life experiences and mature brain of an experienced consumer. So rather than an Ageless Marketing Approach – let’s acknowledge that age has provided us with wisdom as a consumer and evolve something more relevant.