Strategic Partners with Lots of METTLE

In addition to our fully-dedicated team, we have strong strategic partnerships with a group of partners that complement our services:

ShadowBox Pictures

ShadowBox Pictures is a full service creative DRTV/Brand Response production company that specializes in enhancing brand equity while employing proven direct-response fundamentals to create effective long-form infomercials and short-form commercials. All of their HD video and 3D animation assets are customized across all digital media platforms for use in your omni-channel marketing efforts.


SENIOROI has been serving the senior living industry for over 15 years with direct mail, production and email services. The SENIOROI approach is to develop a customized solution that helps you reach your goals—whether it’s accurately targeting new prospects or increasing your return on investment.

SENIOROI’s specific customer acquisition tools use statistical and logical thinking to help marketers identify family connections to existing customers and prospects.

• Advanced database technology

• Integrated direct mail and digital marketing      

• Complex demographics and psycho-graphics

• Custom programming

• Complete personalization

• Powerful analytics for your community

• Mailing strategies to align to your budget

• Quick turnarounds

• Multi-site or Single-site Communities

• Turnkey programs